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Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP)

The Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) was introduced as part of collaboration with the other Self-Help Group (SHGs).  The scheme is jointly organised by Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), The Eurasian Association (EA), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Yayasan MENDAKI with the aim to boost students’ academic performance in English, Mathematics and Science.

 The CTP centres offer quality and affordable tuition to primary school students of all races and religion. Classes under Yayasan MENDAKI are conducted in more than 20 schools andcommunity centres island wide. The Self-Help Groups grant the tuition fee subsidy to the respective students according to race.

Eligibility Criteria

Student must be: 
 1.       Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents (All races)
 2.       One who obtained between 35 and 65 marks for each tuition subject for the latest SA2
 3.       One who is studying in full-time local government or government-aided schools and madrasahs    

             A.       For Chinese students, gross monthly total household income must be of $3300 and below, or gross                          monthly household’s per capita income of $900 and below. 
             B.       For Eurasian students, gross monthly total household income must be less than $3000, or gross                                 monthly household’s per capita income less than $800.


(B1) P1 to P3 can choose to take one or two subjects:         
           o Mathematics 
           o English         

 (B2) P4 to S5 can choose to take one, two or three subjects:          
           o Mathematics m English          
           o Science/Combined Science  (Chemistry and Physics)



1 Subject

2 Subjects

3 Subjects

P1 to P3




P4 to S5





Note: Inclusive of $10 Registration Fees and $15 Book Fees