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Public Education

Yayasan MENDAKI has been active in raising public awareness on the latest in Singapore's education and emphasising the importance of learning. We do this through various Public Education campaigns, events, forums and talks.
Our public education programmes include:
  • Brunch with MENDAKI
  • Education Symposium
  • Learning Festival
  • Next Stop Seminars
  • Parenting Workshops
  • PlayFest
  • Policy Forums
  • Primary One Orientation Outreach

Learning Festival

The Learning Festival is an annual MENDAKI effort that highlights the importance of learning through engaging the larger community.


PlayFest is a festival that emphasises the importance of play in a young child's development. As a child's first teacher, parents will learn to transform their homes to create opportunities for teachable moments and to make learning aids using available resources at home.

Education Seminars

Education Symposium
The Education Symposium serves as a platform to share, inform and discuss the pertinent issues affecting a young child’s learning and development in relation to the Malay/Muslim community, with early childhood educators and professionals.

Education Seminar at Schools
The Education Seminars at Schools is a school-based seminar aimed at equipping parents with the necessary parenting skills that can empower them in making informed decisions on their children’s development and learning. 

Education Seminar Series
Developing a growth mindset in the children calls for parents to have the belief and know-how on their critical role to develop their children's talents and abilities.  Their belief systems, values, and skills-sets will determine their ability to nurture their children and influence the level and frequency of their involvement in their children's education journey.  Held annually, the Brunch with MENDAKI focuses on the latest developments in the education landscape and also highlights issues, changes, and challenges that may affect the community.

NextStop Seminar Series
NextStop Seminar is an engagement series to encourage youths to envision and plan their future in an ever-changing economy. Hands-on and interactive activities, with an emphasis on emerging and popular technology, will be rolled out to encourage participants to maximise SkillsFuture and other national initiatives in the spirit to inculcate lifelong learning.