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The main initiatives in uplifting the Malay/Muslim community towards excellence include developing young families and youths positively to become economically self-sufficient with positive and healthy social relationships.  We introduced upstream development programmes with mentoring as the key component to provide a more holistic intervention.

“Without support at home, the child makes no headway in his studies, loses interest and runs into delinquency problems. This will permanently blight the child’s life chances and risks perpetuating the problem into the next generation.”
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong 
MENDAKI 25th Anniversary Dinner & Awards Presentation 2007

“Saya dapat menyusun dan mengendalikan kewangan keluarga dengan lebih sempurna.” 
Abdul Rahim Osman
Participant, Financial Literacy Programme
“MENDAKI’s development programmes, seminars and activities have helped many of us from the Family Excellence Circle to be more empowered. We are grateful for their outreach and have in turn encouraged more families to join in. Kudos to MENDAKI.”
Mdm Saridah Osman
Member, Keluarga AKRAB