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Core Parenting Programmes

Financial Literacy Programme Series

The main aim of PBB is to provide participants with the necessary skills and information in financial-related matters so as to make informed decisions for the well-being of their family.  PBB has a total of one Core module and seven Electives.

Core Module

The Core Module provides an overview of basic financial information.  With topics such as CPF related schemes, housing, and savings, the aim of this essential module is to keep participants abreast of the latest information and develop sound financial habits.

  • Financial Toolkit for Young Adults

Customised for fresh graduates of Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) to equip them with financial knowledge and financial planning skills.

  • Financial Toolkit for Young Couples

Seeks to bridge the gap in financial literacy between spouses and learn the concepts on managing one's finances.

Elective Modules

There are currently seven Elective Modules.  Each module focuses on a specific topic or area of concern.  These electives are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Home Ownership
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Time is Money
  • Insurance and I
  • Understanding my CPF
  • SCAM

Strengthening Families Series

Core Module

This 9-hr workshop covers a wide range of topics that aims to provide parents with the necessary skills in becoming effective parents and leaders of their household. The workshop is carried out over 3 sessions. The core modules include setting family goals and boundaries, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and understanding life stages of an individual: from birth to adulthood.

Elective Modules

There are currently two Elective Modules:
• Understanding my Pre-Teens
• Understanding my Teens

The elective modules focus on different steps of a child’s development and how parents play an important role in enhancing their children’s development. It will cover the important stages of development in the various phases of the child’s development.