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Parenting Programmes for Parents with Pre-Schoolers

Maju Minda Matematika (Tiga M)

Targeted at parents with pre-school and lower primary school-going children, Tiga M empowers parents to be efficient mediators for their child's journey into the foundation of mathematics.

Tiga M engages both parents and their children throughout the six sessions.  Trained facilitators will provide support and guidance for parents on appropriate mediation techniques.

Literacy Programme for Families

There are four literacy programmes targeting at parents of young children.  These are:

  • Jiggle, Read & Rhyme
    • An interactive programme in collaboration with the National Library Board, this three-session programme for young parents and their toddlers, focuses on the use of songs, rhymes and reading aloud as introductory reading activities for toddlers.

  • Perkasa Keluarga, Baca Bersama (Empowering Families, Read Together)
    • Designed to inculcate the habits of reading in a family, Perkasa Keluarga, Baca Bersama promotes parent-child bonding through reading activities.  The 3-hour programme is conducted over 2 sessions for families with children aged between 4 and 9 years old.

  • My Home Library
    • My Home Library Programme was introduced for families who had graduated from the Perkasa Keluarga, Baca Bersama Programme.  Each family is given story books and a book rack at the start.  The objective is for families to create the family's reading corner.  Families are provided tips on how to grow and develop their own reading corners or mini libraries at home.

  • Family Reading Circle
    • The Family Reading Circle Programme is aimed at creating circles of families with shared interest and love in books and reading.  This is a follow-up from My Home Library initiative.  Sessions are conducted to provide tips that will help parents in their sharing of knowledge and information with others.  It is a fun-filled programme featuring lots of family reading time, early literacy activities, and group story-telling.  It instills confidence in parents to facilitate their personal growth through reading strategies, sharing and discussions.