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Future Ready

Through Future Ready, MENDAKI aims to engage the Malay/Muslim students to:

  • Create and enhance awareness on current developments shaping the Future Economy
  • Bridge students to the relevant national and school initiatives that can help in maximising their potential
  • Strengthen their 21st Century competencies to ensure they remain relevant and competitive for the future workforce

Future Ready initiatives

NextStop Seminar

An annual platform for post-secondary and tertiary students to hear from professionals, experts and thought leaders on the Future Economy and the various academic and career pathways available.

“Future of...” Series

Engage with industry leaders to gain insights on future work landscapes.

Calendar of Workshops:

Future of Human Connections and Personal Branding15 Feb 2019
The Future of Work and Lifelong Learning
26 Apr 2019 
 Future of Series: Core Competencies for the Future Economy26 Jun 2019 
 The Future of Impacting Change 13 Sep 2019
The Future of Innovation and Design Thinking  25 Oct 2019
 The Future of Productivity and Mindfulness in the Future Economy 13 Dec 2019

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Future Ready Marketplace

Community engagement platforms through various experiential hands-on learning booths that focus on 21st-century skills.

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Future Ready Starter Kit

Discover your academic and career pathways through this interactive starter kit targeted at students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Coming your way soon!