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Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)

The programme was piloted in 2008 to empower girls to be socially connected, influenced by positive norms and grow to be positive adults. The girls are engaged through interest groups' activities, job searching/internships and developmental programmes that will raise their self-esteem and confidence levels.


  1. Ensure that the girls complete at least the first 10 years of education and proceed to post-secondary institutions (e.g. polytechnic, junior college and ITE)
  2. To engage the girls in positive and meaningful activities so that they stay away from negative activities

Target Group

  • Secondary 2 Malay/Muslim girls
  • Participants will be engaged till they complete secondary school (Sec 4/Sec 5)

Programme Components


Girls are given opportunities to participate in activities such as job shadowing, mentoring and interest groups in the areas of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Health & Fitness.

Women professionals are assigned to serve as advisors to these interest groups.  They assist our girls explore career options and provide advice on the various pathways to achieve their aspirations. With this increase in self-confidence and inner resilience, our girls will be motivated to strive towards achieving their career goals.


In building their leadership skills, girls are given opportunities to initiate and carry out community projects that make positive contributions to society.  All projects conducted will be documented to boost their portfolio and complement their academic achievements.

Parents' Circles

Parents of youths in the programme will have opportunities to build their competencies by participating in the parenting programmes offered by MENDAKI.  Parents’ Circles are conducted to impart necessary parenting skills and knowledge to better understand today’s youths.

Contact Information

To find out more about our programme or should you be interested in joining the programme, drop us an email at