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The programme was piloted in 2015 and was designed to provide holistic support to Secondary school Malay/Muslim students enrolled in MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) at selected MTS centres.


  1. To provide motivational support to MTS students;
  2. To ensure students attend MTS regularly;
  3. To reduce negative social behaviours displayed by students and harness their potential through Positive Youth Development (PYD).

Target Group

Students registered in MTS aged between 13 and 17.

Programme Components


Mentoring forms the distinctive component of the programme.  Students are grouped with mentors who provide social and emotional support.  Generally, mentors are matched with mentees of the same gender.

Developmental Activities

Developmental activities are conducted to enhance capacity of youths in building resiliency through experiential learning in a positive environment.  Partners and/or vendors are engaged in running these activities, including external service providers and other Malay/Muslim Organisations to conduct workshops and activities.

This includes life skills development programmes which are specially designed to meet the components of PYD, and experiential learning conducted during the school term breaks.

Parents' Circles

Parents of youths in the programme will have opportunities to build their competencies by participating in the parenting programmes offered by MENDAKI.  Parents’ Circles are conducted to impart necessary parenting skills and knowledge to better understand today’s youths.

Contact Information

To find out more about our programme or should you be interested to volunteer as a mentor, drop us an email at