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Perform in School


Programmes (Academic)

MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) 

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Yayasan MENDAKI is the pioneer Self-Help Group in providing tuition for the public. MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) aims to provide quality tuition at affordable rates to help students attain better results in their school and national examinations.  The flagship program started off with only 880 students in 1982.  Today, more than 10,000 students register for the programme annually. It is open to all primary and secondary school Muslim students. 

To date, about 200,000 Muslim students have benefitted from the quality and affordable tuition. With highly qualified tutors, students are engaged in a positive and enriching environment during lessons.  MTS is aligned to the Ministry Of Education’s curriculum and provides additional developmental activities. Classes are conducted in more than 50 schools around the island.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all Muslim students who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Studying in full-time local government or government-aided schools and madrasahs
  • Obtained 75 marks and below in at least one tuition subject (English, Mathematics or Science) at the recent year-end examination (SA2)


Primary 1 to 3
    Package 1 : Mathematics and English 
    Primary 4 to 6 (Standard or Foundation) Package 1: Mathematics and English 
    Package 2: Mathematics and Science  
    Secondary 1 to 2 
    (Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical)

    Package 1 : Mathematics and English  
    Secondary 3E, 3NA, 4E, 4NA and 5NAPackage 1: Mathematics and English
    Package 2: Mathematics and Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry) 

    Primary 1 to 4            $135 only  
    Primary 5 & 6             $155 only
    Secondary 1 & 2        $185 only
    Secondary 3 to 5       $210 only

    ** Inclusive of $10 registration fee and $15 book fees


    Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP)

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    The Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) was introduced as part of collaboration with the other Self-Help Group (SHGs).  The scheme is jointly organised by Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), The Eurasian Association (EA), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Yayasan MENDAKI with the aim to boost students’ academic performance in English, Mathematics and Science. 

    The CTP centres offer quality and affordable tuition to primary school students of all races and religion. Classes under Yayasan MENDAKI are conducted in more than 20 schools andcommunity centres island wide. The Self-Help Groups grant the tuition fee subsidy to the respective students according to race.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Student must be: 
    1.       Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents (All races)
    2.       One who obtained between 35 and 65 marks for each tuition subject for the latest SA2
    3.       One who is studying in full-time local government or government-aided schools and madrasahs    

    A. For Chinese students, gross monthly total household income must be of $3300 and below, or gross monthly household’s per capita income of $900 and below. 
    B. For Eurasian students, gross monthly total household income must be less than $3000, or gross monthly household’s per capita income less than $800.


    (B1) P1 to P3 can choose to take one or two subjects: 
    o Mathematics 
    o English         

    (B2) P4 to S5 can choose to take one, two or three subjects:          
    o Mathematics m English          
    o Science/Combined Science  (Chemistry and Physics)



    1 Subject

    2 Subjects

    3 Subjects

    P1 to P3




    P4 to S5





    Note: Inclusive of $10 Registration Fees and $15 Book Fees

    Programmes (Others)

    Mentoring @ MTS


    The programme was piloted in 2015 and was designed to provide holistic support to Secondary school Malay/Muslim students enrolled in MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) at selected MTS centres.


    1. To provide motivational support to MTS students;
    2. To ensure students attend MTS regularly;
    3. To reduce negative social behaviours displayed by students and harness their potential through Positive Youth Development (PYD).

    Target Group

    Students registered in MTS aged between 13 and 17.

    Programme Components

    Mentoring - Mentoring forms the distinctive component of the programme.  Students are grouped with mentors who provide social and emotional support.  Generally, mentors are matched with mentees of the same gender.

    Developmental Activities -  Activities are conducted to enhance capacity of youths in building resiliency through experiential learning in a positive environment.  Partners and/or vendors are engaged in running these activities, including external service providers and other Malay/Muslim Organisations to conduct workshops and activities. This includes life skills development programmes which are specially designed to meet the components of PYD, and experiential learning conducted during the school term breaks.

    Contact Information

    To find out more about our programme or should you be interested to volunteer as a mentor, drop us an email at


    MENDAKI Homework Cafe


    The programme aims to provide a conducive environment for Malay/Muslim students to complete their school work. Together with community partners such as the community centres and mosques, the MENDAKI Homework Cafe aims to reach out and extend academic support and/or assistance to needy Malay/Muslim students. The scheme is open to primary and secondary students and cover the English and Mathematics subjects.

    Registration is open. Application forms are available at the respective centres.

    Eligibility Criteria

    1. Applicant must be a Muslim Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident; 
    2. The family’s net monthly household income* is not exceeding $1,800, or the net monthly per capita income is not exceeding $450; OR is currently a recipient of the Ministry Of Education Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS)   
    3. Applicant must be a full-time student attending a Government School, Government Aided School, Autonomous School,  Independent School and Madrasahs.   
    4. The applicant must not be attending tuition at any one of MENDAKI’s tuition programmes or any other tuition programmes  supported by MENDAKI such as Self-Help Groups (SHG) tuition programmes, and community tuition programmes run by  RCs/CCs.     
    *Net monthly household income refers to the basic salary, excluding overtime pay, commissions, other allowances and one-twelfth of annual bonuses.

    MENDAKI Homework Cafe Centres

     SNCentre Address Postal code ScheduleContact no. 
     1Al-Amin Mosque 50 Telok Blangah Way 098801Tue & Thu, 
     2Al-Islah Mosque 30 Punggol Field 828812Tue & Thu, 5.30-7pm63125174
     3Assyafaah Mosque1 Admiralty Lane 757620Mon & Wed, 5-6.30pm67563008
     4En-Naeem Mosque 120 Tampines Road 535136Wed & Fri, 
     5 Kaki Bukit Bloom RCBlk 546 Bedok North St 3 #01-436 460546Sat, 
     6Kaki Bukit Garden RC Blk 526 Bedok North St 3 #01-490 460526Tue, 
     7Maarof Mosque 20 Jurong West Street 26 648125Tue & Thu, 5.30-8pm65155033
     8Marine Terrace Breeze Residents' Committee Blk 20 Marine Terrace 
     9Marine Terrace Haven Residents' Committee Blk 54 Marine Terrace 
     10 PERDAUS BedokBlk 125 Bedok North Rd #01-115 460125Wed & Thu, 
     11 PERDAUS Hong KahBlk 364 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-259 650364Wed & Thu, 


    Brunch with MENDAKI

    Developing a growth mindset in the children calls for parents to have the belief and know-how on their critical role to develop their children's talents and abilities.  Their belief systems, values, and skills-sets will determine their ability to nurture their children and influence the level and frequency of their involvement in their children's education journey.  Held annually, the Brunch with MENDAKI focuses on the latest developments in the education landscape and also highlights issues, changes, and challenges that may affect the community.

    Success in PSLE Seminar

    PS6.PNGSuccess in PSLE Mathematics Seminar was introduced in 2006 with the objective of equipping students with examination strategies and to motivate them to pass on the PSLE national examination. The seminar is provided to Primary 6 students.

    To register for Success in PSLE Mathematics Seminar 2019, click:


    Family Excellence Circle (FEC)

    This programme aims to provide families with social support network for parents to interact and connect with other parents.  It is also embracing the concept of learning families and sharing experiences and knowledge in building strong families with a focus on children's educational development.

    Edu Advisor

    *Name :
    *Relationship :
    E-mail : eg:
    *Question :
    Previous Efforts and Successes in Helping Child :
    *Child's Education Level :

    I agree to MENDAKI publishing my questions and the answer if the information is seen to be beneficial for all other parents to learn from. I understand that MENDAKI will keep my identity and particulars confidential in any circumstance.