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School Ready



KelasMateMatika@CC (KMM@CC)


Targeted at parents with pre-school children aged 4 to 6 years old, KMM@CC empowers parents to be efficient mediators for their child’s journey into the study of Mathematics.  KMM@CC is an extension of Maju Minda Matematika (Tiga M), which engages both parents and their children throughout six sessions.  Trained facilitators will provide support and guidance for parents on appropriate mediation techniques.

KMM@CC is under the M³ collaboration between three key Malay/Muslim organisations namely MENDAKI, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) and the People's Association Malay Activity Executive Committees Council (MESRA). 

The programme is currently running at various community centres. 

Parenting Programmes


With the aim of partnering parents in their parenting journey, several programmes are conducted to cater to parents with children of different age groups and needs.   
1. Signposts – For Parents with 0-6 year old children, Signposts is an evidence-based parenting programme to help parents understand and manage their child’s difficult behaviour and prevent further development of behavioural concerns. It is also proven to be effective on children with special needs.   

2. Triple P – For Parents with children at primary level, Triple P is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children. Triple P offers parents preventive programme of different intensity to meet their needs.   

3. The Parenting Years – Parents with children at Nursery to Kindergarten 2, The Parenting Years provide parents with the right methods to encourage their child to embark on a journey with them to create many happy memories, nurture a closer bond and meaningful relationship.

Core Parenting Skills (CPS) Programme


CPS aims to equip parents with the necessary parenting skills so that they would be more effective primary school educators in developing their children holistically.          

1. Program Bijak Belanja (PBB) / Financial Literacy Programme - PBB provides participants with the necessary skills and information in financial-related matters so as to make informed decisions for the well-being of their family.  It covers an overview of basic financial information and specific topics or areas of concern.        

2. Strengthening Family Series (SFS) - The workshop covers a wide range of topics that aims to provide parents with the necessary skills in becoming effective parents and leaders of their household. Some of the areas include setting family goals and boundaries, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and understanding life stages of an individual: from birth to adulthood.

KelasMajuMinda (KMM Child)


KelasMajuMinda (KMM Child) programme provides continued and holistic support for our Malay/Muslim children aged 4 to 6 year old upon completion of the KMM Child programme. Apart from nurturing the love for learning, KMM Child also provides exposure for our Malay/Muslim children to programmes that help them build stronger foundation upon entry to Primary 1.   The following programmes are identified to improve the child’s literacy, social and emotional, arithmetic skills.

 1.       Speech and Drama / Public Speaking for Pre-schoolers 
 2.       Numeracy
 3.       Phonics 
 4.       Visual Literacy 
 5.       Abacus 
 6.       Coding and Robotics


Brunch with MENDAKI

Held twice a year, the education seminar series focuses on the latest developments in the education landscape especially for pre-schools. The seminars aim to highlight the issues, changes and challenges that may affect the community and enable parents to be equipped with the right set of knowledge and skills in order to be informed and empowered.


PlayFest was first launched in 2018 with the purpose of encouraging Mediated Learning Through Play, and to empower parents with Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) knowledge, namely: Reciprocity, Intentionality, Meaning, Transcendence and Competence. It targets families with pre-school going children especially for those aged 0 to 6 years old. 

The next PlayFest will be on 30th June. Register here!

Education Symposium

The Education Symposium targets key stakeholders in the Early Childhood Development community. Through a series of presentations, plenary discussions and breakout sessions, the Symposium brings together community leaders, education practitioners, academics, parents, pedagogical experts, policymakers and the public who are interested in enhancing the learning and developmental needs of young individuals to discuss and learn from each other. 


Family Excellence Circle (FEC)

Family Excellence Circle (FEC) is a networking initiative that brings parents together in an informal setting. FEC promotes learning among families by providing parents the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and expertise as well as best practices on parenting skills. Parents too have access to resources and materials to empower and strengthen resilience in their families. This in turn will increase social connectedness among parents which will promote confidence & efficacy in parenting skills.   

Educational Assistance