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Parenting Workshops

With the aim of partnering parents in their parenting journey, several programmes are conducted to cater to parents with children of different age groups and needs.

Signposts Triple P The Parenting Years
For Parents with 0-6 year old children For Parents with children at primary level For Parents with children at Nursery to K2
Signposts is an evidence-based parenting programme to help parents understand and manage their child’s difficult behaviour and prevent further development of behavioural concerns. It is also proven to be effective on children with special needs. Triple P is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children. Triple P offers parents preventive programme of different intensity to meet their needs. The Parenting Years provide parents with the right methods to encourage their child to embark on a journey with them to create many happy memories, nurture a closer bond and meaningful relationship.

For more information, please contact Qazzira at 62485146 or Norlizan at 62455779.

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