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June 2018

Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW to prep for finals

June holidays are over, and just like that, the first half of the year has gone by. Do you feel anxious about the upcoming final exams that are getting close? As we get our enthusiasm raring for the third semester, here are 5 tips for you to get a head start in your exam preparations!

composition-materials-notebook-760720.jpg1. Create a study plan
It is best to start drawing up a plan or schedule ahead of the exam period to allocate ample time for revision. Draw or print out a calendar for each month. On the dates, write down the subjects you want to revise. You can paste this calendar on the wall of your room or file it in a folder. This will help to keep you disciplined and organised for study sessions. 

2. Create and compile study notes that are best suited for you. 

Having trouble remembering every single concept? Try to summarise the topic in the form of a study note. This can be done in notebooks, flashcards or plain paper. Create acronyms to help you recall longer concepts.  If you prefer to draw, mind maps and graphs can also help you visualise key points. These study notes are meant to be lightweight and portable, so you can revise on the go!

We will also be sharing our subject-based strategies soon to help you during the exam period. Do keep a look out for that!

3. Practice! Practice! Practice!  

Because subjects follow a specified syllabus, similar exam questions can sometimes appear in papers which are a few years apart. As such, familiarise yourself with the variety of possible questions that might appear. This will also help you learn from past mistakes. Master the subject by understanding the model answers from past papers and practicing mock papers within the exam timeframe to mimic the exam scenario. Check out this link for a list of mock papers! 

4. Take breaks

Studies have shown that taking well-timed breaks can help you remember better. Maintain a healthy momentum by taking regular breaks in between study periods. This will prevent you from burning out and feeling stressed. While you are on your break, try keeping your motivation high by rewarding yourself with healthy snacks.

5. Ask questions

Do not be afraid to clarify any doubts with your teachers, tutors or peers. This will help increase your confidence in understanding difficult concepts and topics. You can also revise by discussing questions and answers out loud with your peers. Clarifying your queries early can help to ensure that you will not be overwhelmed when the teacher delves deeper into the topic. 

Preparing for your exams will be much less stressful if you start now. Even if you start off slowly, your efforts will pay off when you obtain your results. Finally, remember to stay calm and maintain a healthy diet. We wish you all the best!


Get to know our Project Positive participants!

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When Ms Marini first walked through the doors of Sister Cookies on her first day of the bread making workshop, she did not know what to expect. With no prior knowledge in bread making, Ms Marini was worried that she may not be able to catch up with the other Project Positive participants. But with the guidance of her trainer, Chef Suriani Samad, she now feels confident to bake her own loaves of bread for her family. 

Ms Marini was one of the 92 participants who gained new skills through Project Positive. 


Project Positive is a pilot initiative birthed from a Design Thinking process that was done as part of efforts to review and enhance Project JOY, a staff-initiated project for Ramadan that began in 2002. 

The main aim of the review is to seek ways of enhancing the existing nature of Project Joy beyond the gifting of food hampers and vouchers. Families are given the opportunity to learn a basic skill set that can be monetised to help increase the household income. 

Participants for Project Positive had the option to attend one of the following courses: Bread making, cookie baking, sewing or handyman. 


Participants who successfully completed their courses were celebrated at a graduation ceremony on Sunday, 2nd June 2018. They each received a certificate of participation and new set of Baju Kurung for the family to welcome this year’s Hari Raya.  


Another participant, Ms Siti Nurazreena, chose to attend the sewing workshop in order to be able to assist other mothers with clothes alterations. In the beginning, she found it challenging to sew a straight line with the sewing machine but over time, she was able to master the skill. 


As for Mr Kamarudin, a participant of the handyman workshop, he always had to call a contractor to assist with drilling works at home. The workshop enabled him to gain confidence in handyman tasks to carry out simple fixes around the house. 


Ms Asfiah attended the cookie baking workshop, knowing that the new skills obtained will help her refine her knowledge in baking and enable her to further improve. Leaving her child at home while she attended the course was a big sacrifice for this mother. But with her determination to learn, she was confident that this sacrifice would pay off. 

How did these participants feel throughout their journey in Project Positive? Watch the videos to follow the experiences of our project positive participants as they share their thoughts about learning new skills. 

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