Raikan Ilmu month is back in July! MENDAKI will be collaborating with 11 M³@Towns and 30 partners to bring more than 50 exciting activities across four heartlands!

About Raikan Ilmu

Raikan Ilmu is a flagship movement of the Malay/Muslim community to celebrate knowledge and embrace lifelong learning as part of our culture.

MENDAKI first introduced the Learning Festival on a weekend in 2002. In 2016, MENDAKI launched its 'Raikan Ilmu' (Celebrate Knowledge) campaign, expanding it to a week. In 2019, MENDAKI, together with the support of community partners, transformed Raikan Ilmu into a month-long campaign of fun-filled activities for all.

Enjoy over 80 exciting activities at three Raikan Ilmu@Heartlands!
Rethink and redefine the traditional notions of success at our interactive pavilions – Leadership, Limitlessness and Lifting Lives!
Join exciting discussions with experts from the field and network with like-minded academics, educators and researchers for enriching knowledge-sharing.
Engage in insightful discussions with professionals on the future of work, technology and fostering a global mindset.