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Answer: 176 pears



1 – 1/5 = 4/

4/5 is the remainder. This is because you deduct the fraction of apples from the total.


If you see the phrase “xx of the remainder”, multiply the fraction with the remainder.

2/5  x  4/58/25 (this is the fraction of pears in the shop)


Next, find the fraction of oranges by subtracting the fractions of apples and pears from the total. You would need to ensure that your denominators are the same, before you do your subtractions. In this case, the common denominator is 25.

1 – 1/58/25    –>    25/255/258/25 = 12/25

12/25 is the fraction of oranges. 


Next, you would need to subtract the fraction of oranges from the fraction of apples to find the difference between the 2 fruits.

oranges – apples = difference

12/25  –  5/257/25 (this fraction is the difference between oranges and apples.)


This means, there are 7 more units of oranges than apples. 

7 units = 154

Find the value of 1 unit

1 unit =  154 ÷ 7

1 unit =  22


To find the answer, you would need to find the value of 8 units (because the fraction of pears, as we found out earlier, is 8/25)

8 x 22 = 176 pears.


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