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#amPowered @ ITE

MENDAKI has introduced two gender-specific Empowerment Programmes at the three Colleges of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). These are the Empowerment Programme for Boys (EPB) and the Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG). Curated especially for first-year ITE students, the programme aims to help students:

  • Acquire life skills
  • Build confidence
  • Connect students to opportunities to grow their potential

Activities include: competency workshops, team-bonding activities, sharing sessions and matching students to befrienders who will guide them in goal setting and motivate students to achieve their aspirations.

If you or any of your family members are entering ITE and would like to be part of this programme, please click here to contact us.

Interested in becoming a mentor for our Empowerment Programme? Find out more details about the programme through this Empowerment Programme Infokit for Mentors!

A comprehensive manual produced by Youth Mentoring Office to guide mentors in their mentoring journey. Titled ‘The Gift of Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors’, it complements the Gift-Centred Mentoring (GCM) training that mentors undergo before deployment. It aims to aid mentors to better understand the GCM philosophy through exciting infographics and videos. Support mentors in rapport building by engaging mentees in fun activities that can help both to open up and deepen conversations, and it shares available resources that mentors can tap on to better guide and support their mentees.

Download The Gift of Mentoring A Guide for Mentors

Click here to register!

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