MENDAKI’s Fund-Raising Events in 2022

MENDAKI’s Fund-Raising Events in 2022

In conjunction with Yayasan MENDAKI (“MENDAKI”)’s 40th Anniversary, the Government announced on 1 Oct 2022 that it will set aside up to $20 million to match MENDAKI’s fundraising target of $20 million to improve and expand existing programmes and implement new initiatives in three M3 Focus Areas. These initiatives include KelasMateMatika (KMM) for preschoolers, Family Excellence Circle (FEC) for parents, and mentoring for youth. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made the announcement at MENDAKI’s 40th Anniversary Celebration in conjunction with Raikan Ilmu 2022 at University Cultural Centre.

Between Jul and Dec 2022, MENDAKI engaged high net worth individuals and corporate partners who showed an interest in supporting us and the Education Trust Fund (ETF)’s mission to uplift the Malay/Muslim community through supporting the children’s pursuit in education. Through these, we have raised more than $19 million to date for this fundraising drive. 

Aside from that, MENDAKI also ran various online fundraising efforts across different platforms (i.e. MyMENDAKI Portal, Give.Asia, last year, where we raised another $1,129,858 collectively from the following campaigns:

  • Ramadhan Campaign (Apr 2022): $13,165
  • Hari Raya Puasa Campaign (May 2022): $20,251
  • Gift-A-Dream Campaign 2022 (Mar – Dec 2022): $33,275
  • National Day Campaign (Aug 2022): $165
  • Celebrate Education Campaign (Oct 2022): $1,740
  • Great Giving Week Campaign (Dec 2022): $4,370

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed and donated to our fundraising efforts in support of our cause.

To find out more about our current fundraising initiative, Gift-A-Dream 2023, please click here.