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Have you ever felt like you wanted to continue your studies but missed your boat when you had to start working to sustain the family?
Adult learners and working professionals, rejoice! You can do just that from 2019 onwards. You will be eligible for a full-time diploma course based on your working experience.
This was announced by Mr Ong Ye Kung, Education Minister, at the ITE Graduation Ceremony 2018 on 3 July. Steps have been taken by our Ministry of Education to reduce the over-emphasis on academic grades and chasing of marks. This will help working professionals deepen their skills on a formal level.
While entrance into polytechnics based on academic qualifications have been loosened, so have the Institute of Technical Education (ITEs). Below are the changes in admission policies that will be implemented AY2019 onwards in ITEs and Polys:
MOE will ensure sufficient places are provided for an additional segment of applicants. Polytechnics will also put in place a wider range of assessment tools to ensure that applicants have the acquired prerequisite competencies to cope with the programmes.
What great news for our lifelong learners! Seize this opportunity and grab your place, adult learners.