Sponsorships for Overseas Programme

Kindly note that due to the already established endowment fund between Yayasan MENDAKI, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for student overseas exchange programme, all sponsorship applications from NUS and NTU students for students overseas exchange programme must be submitted to the NUS office and NTU office respectively, who would then administer the sponsorships accordingly.




Quantum of Sponsorship

Eligibility Criteria

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Photocopy of your NRIC
  2. Photocopy of NRIC/Birth Certificates of family members within your household
  3. Proof of Student Status / Letter of Recommendation (bearing school’s or company’s letterhead, personal signature of referee & contact details of referee)
  4. Supporting documents for your estimated breakdown of the programme’s cost
  5. Last 3 months Payslip or letter of salary confirmation (letterhead of company & company’s stamp) of those working in family
    • for self-employed, please submit a copy of CPF Statement/Income Tax Statement & Declaration Form (standard form can be obtained from Yayasan MENDAKI)
    • for the letter of salary confirmation, it MUST be accompanied by CPF Statement/Income Tax Statement
  6. Last 15 months CPF contribution for non-working adult to fill up and sign the Declaration Form (standard can be obtained from Yayasan MENDAKI)

Email to [email protected] to apply.