Principal Research Specialist (PRS)

Job Summary

The job holder (2 year contract) heads the PEO and reports to DCE. The job holder is responsible for working closely with the various agencies under M3 and their respective Programme Managers to implement appropriate evaluation framework for the respective M3 programmes to assess the effectiveness of M3 programmes in closing the socio-economic gaps in the Malay/Muslim community across the M3 five Focus Areas (marriage, parenthood and early childhood development, vulnerable individuals, youth mentoring, employment and employability and healthy lifestyle). The job holder is supported by a Programme Evaluation Executive Officer and works closely with the MENDAKI Research and Design Team in performing these responsibilities.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Developing and recommending suitable evaluation frameworks and processes (such as but not limited to MENDAKI RE-AIM Framework) to the Programme Managers for the impact assessment of the M3 programmes under their purview. 
  • Building the capacity of the Programme Managers of M3 agencies by conducting training or linking them up to relevant courses to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge to conduct programme evaluation effectively. 
  • Working closely with the M3 agencies to track the outcome of the M3 programmes under their purview, identify gaps to refine current programmes and recommend next steps (e.g. scale up effective programme or discontinue ineffective programmes). 
  • Taking the lead in conducting the evaluation of M3 programmes under the purview of MENDAKI and liaising with the Programme Managers on this. 
  • Coordinating the programme evaluation efforts of the M3 agencies by drawing up the workplan and timeline for the completion of the programme evaluation by the respective M3 agencies and sharing of the findings at relevant platforms including M3 Steering Committee chaired by Minister-In-Charge of Muslim Affairs. 
  • Providing updates to Community Relations and Engagement Division (CRED) of Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) every six month on the status of the M3 programme evaluation efforts and submitting an annual progress report to account for the Reinvestment Funding expenses. 
  • Coordinating with the Programme Managers to present the programme evaluation progress updates, findings and recommendations to the relevant platforms based on the agreed schedule.


  • Degree in Social Sciences, Education or Applied Science (Statistics) is preferred.
  • At least six years working experience with two years in supervisory position.
  • Competent in qualitative and quantitative research and/or evaluation techniques, including the use of relevant analytical tools. Formal qualifications in data science, analytics or statistics are welcomed.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and an ability to sense-make situations.
  • Strong ability to engage with different stakeholders and work across agencies.
  • Strong writing and presentation skills
  • Familiarity with Malay/Muslim community work is a bonus.