Senior Executive / Executive Officer, Human Resource

Job Summary

The jobholder (2 year contract) supports the organisation in overseeing the management of human resource (HR) in the organisation. The jobholder is responsible for the efficient planning, execution and evaluation of the Learning & Development and Organisational Culture & Engagement functions of HR. The jobholder is largely expected to work in an office environment from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays and may also be required to travel out of the office for meetings. On occasion, the jobholder may need to work outside official hours on weekends to support in the running of events

Key Responsibility Areas

Learning & Development

  1. Develop organisational learning and development strategies and plans based on the organisation’s current and future business to improve overall workforce capabilities for current and future roles, and to promote lifelong learning.
  2. Recommend and implement innovative and creative learning and development channels and technology to engage learners and increase the effectiveness of learning and development interventions based on the needs of the organisation. 
  3. Conduct learning needs analysis to assess staff current capabilities and areas of development to deliver the organisation’s strategy and future plans.
  4. Manage the organisation’s annual total training plan and analyse data and gaps gathered from the individual staff learning roadmaps 
  5. Equip supervisors and line managers with the skills and tools to mentor, train and provide job coaching.
  6. Identify, design, develop, and execute appropriate broad-based learning and development programmes for workforce development based on the needs of the organisation.
  7. Engage and work with partners at the national level to identify possible collaborations for staff learning and capacity-building.
  8. Oversee and facilitate local and overseas attachment programmes and study trips.
  9. Evaluate, recommend, and administer the sponsorship of programmes through the organisation’s training awards to support the talent development of staff.
  10. Engage and work with Institutes of Higher Learning and national agencies to identify and administer student and professional attachments to the organisation to build pipeline for talent acquisition.
  11. Manage the budget for learning and development and prioritise spending to invest on the strategic capabilities of the organisation.

Organisational Culture & Engagement

  1. Plan and design the employee engagement strategy, and measurement tool by recommending employee engagement drivers that have high impact on driving workforce performance.
  2. Plan and execute the communication and engagement sessions using appropriate channels/tools for the targeted audience for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.
  3. Develop communication material/information kits for the HR programmes/ activities to convey desired messages clearly and effectively to the targeted audience.
  4. Design, conduct and analyse the organisation’s culture through the employee engagement surveys and recommend corrective or improvement actions.
  5. Facilitate action planning discussions with stakeholders to identify corrective or improvement actions and resources to implement the action plans.
  6. Oversee and facilitate the onboarding process for new staff to ensure the sharing of organisational and functional knowledge to familiarize them with the organisational culture.

Other Duties

  1. Identify and submit relevant applications for national organisational awards.
  2. Source and obtain national funding or any other available funding for staff development in line with national initiatives.
  3. Maintain management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending HR learning and development policies.
  4. Plan and coordinate meetings as the secretariat for HR Committee meetings.
  5. Manage reporting staff to effectively train, evaluate, motivate, delegate and monitor their progress.
  6. Any other duties as directed and assigned by the CEO.


  • Degree in HR, Business Administration or equivalent.
  • At least two to three years of experience in HR Learning & Development functions.
  • Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) certification will be an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of Singapore employment laws and regulations.
  • High level of organisational skills with an ability to work well under pressure. Able to work independently with integrity under minimal supervision and collaboratively within and across teams. 
  • Resourceful, independent and meticulous.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to manage stakeholders across different levels.
  • Good analytical skills with positive attitude to take on challenges/responsibilities.