Learning Designer, Curriculum Design & Learning Technology (CDLT)

Job Summary

The job holder (2 years contract) reports to the Assistant Director CDLT and is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing effective learning experiences including integration of technology to enhance the learning process. The job holder is required to collaborate with educators, subjectmatter experts, and other stakeholders to design and develop instructional materials that align with educational goals and leverage innovative teaching methods.

  • Work in cross-functional teams to design and develop learning materials in accordance with proposed design
  • Design assessment rubrics
  • Design evaluation instruments and carry out planned evaluation activities
  • Scan for emerging technologies and evaluate the pedagogical affordances
  • Participate in or lead special projects as required.

The job holder is expected to work from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays and may be required to work over the weekends and Public Holidays to support MENDAKI’s events. Although the job holder is largely expected to work in an indoor environment, he is also expected to travel frequently for meetings.

Key Responsibility Areas

Instructional Design

  • Conduct needs assessments to identify gaps in knowledge and skills and determine the most effective instructional strategies to address them.
  • Apply instructional design principles including UX design to create intuitive instructional materials and user-friendly learning experiences, including e-learning modules, multimedia presentations, and interactive simulations.
  • Apply principles of UX design to create intuitive and user-friendly learning experiences.
  • Develop storyboards and prototypes to outline the flow and structure of instructional content.
  • Utilise learning technologies and tools to enhance the design and delivery of instructional content.
  • Coordinate the development of multimedia elements, including graphics, videos, and interactive components, to enhance instructional content withgraphic and video developers.
  • Ensure multimedia elements are integrated seamlessly into the overall instructional design.
  • Conduct usability testing and incorporate feedback to optimise the usability of instructional materials.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to gather input and feedback for continuous improvement and iterate on designs based on feedback and usability testing to enhance the learning experience.
  • Work closely with subject matter experts to extract and translate complex concepts into clear and accessible learning materials.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between instructional design and content experts.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Design assessments and evaluations to measure the effectiveness of instructional materials and facilitate learning outcomes.
  • Review formative and summative assessments to measure learner understanding and achievement of learning objectives.
  • Collate assessment data to make data-driven improvements to instructional materials.
  • Conduct regular reviews and updates to keep instructional materials current and aligned with industry standards.
  • Collaborate with team members, educators, and learners to gather feedback and make iterative improvements.

Professional Development

  • Stay current with industry trends, instructional design methodologies, and emerging educational technologies so job holder can recommend innovative solutions to enhance the learning experience.
  • Pursue professional development opportunities to enhance skills and contribute to continuous improvement.


  • 5+ years of related instructional design and development experience.
  • Have participated in special projects on teaching and learning.
  • A degree in Instructional Design & Technology, Education or Learning Sciences & Technologies or equivalent.
  • Good knowledge of learning management systems as well as course and learner evaluation methodology.
  • Strong project management skills with experience in all phases of the instructional design process.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Understanding of agile methodology and ability to handle multiple priorities in a very fluid working environment.
  • Strong technology vendor management skills with experience working with multiple stakeholders.
  • Ability to learn new tools and processes quickly with little guidance or support documentation.
  • Meticulous in work details.
  • Analytical and possess good creative thinking and problem-solving skills.