Senior Executive / Executive Officer, Care Advisor

Job Summary
The Care Advisor, Senior/Executive Officer (2-year contract) supports the Senior Manager (Team Lead) to spearhead Yayasan MENDAKI (MENDAKI)’s push towards last-mile service delivery (LMSD) to better meet the needs of the MM community. MENDAKI is embarking on a strategic client-centric initiative to achieve the next bound of service delivery, by proactively reaching out to families to understand their needs, care for them and partner them in their journey of lifelong learning.

Key Responsibility Areas

Outreach – Conduct outreach to members of the community, including families who may be in need of services, to stakeholders/partners

  1. Work with the team to identify ways to reach out to different segments of the community so as to identify and engage with under-served members.
  2. Identify partners and potential partners within the community to engage and collaborate with.
  3. Conduct engagement with members of the public and the community
  4. Support the planning, deployment and assessment of outreach efforts. 

Care – Conduct care management of families, through completion of holistic assessments of the family’s needs and delivery of targeted interventions.

  1. Engage with help seekers either through walk in or call enquiries, build rapport with them and identify the areas of support needed.
  2. Conduct holistic assessments of clients and their family members, identifying areas of needs and intervention.
  3. Partner with the client in problem solving and developing care plans to meet his/her needs.
  4. Propose and implement suitable interventions (in collaboration with other agencies known to the family, where available) to meet the needs of clients.
  5. Connect clients to resources and facilitate them in tapping on these resources.
  6. Advocate for clients at both the individual and macro level. 
  7. Organise case discussion platforms for group case discussions.
  8. Guide Executive Assistants in the conduct of care management.

Stakeholder Management – Develop and foster good working relationships with partners/ stakeholders. This includes M3 partners of MUIS and MESRA, as well as government and social service agencies.

  1. Maintain a repository of resources available, both within MENDAKI and nationally.
  2. Manage a framework of collaboration with partners/ stakeholders in client engagement, referrals and/or co-management of cases.

Administrative – Manage satellite centre operations/ youthspace

  1. Collate data on centre activities, including activities run in the vicinity or M3@Town, to provide progress updates to management
  2. Monitor the use and maintenance of centre space and equipment;
  3. Collaborate with internal departments and partners for utilisation of centre or partner’s premises.
  4. Manage manpower roster to ensure the smooth running of centre

In achieving the above, the Executive Officer will work with the team under the direct and close guidance of the Team Lead and with the support of the relevant support departments.


  • A “dare to try” attitude! This is a new phase in our service delivery journey, and we must be prepared to fail, learn from it and try again.
  • A growth mindset. We are all learning from one another, including the senior management team.
  • Adaptability to change. As this is not a long-established function, be prepared to quickly evolve as we better understand the needs of our clients.
  • Excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Able to work independently and in teams.
  • Ability to problem-solve – understand the root causes and recommend targeted solutions.
  • Degree in Social Work/ Psychology or other related degrees. Minimum 3 years of experience in case management, community outreach and/or partnership management. Those who do not meet the required years of work experience but have prior experience in the social service sector (e.g. as a volunteer) or have a keen interest in this area can be considered.