Senior/Executive District Officer, Perform in School

Job Summary

The Executive Officer (2-year contract) performs strategic and operational academic support intervention activities. He/she facilitates the operationalisation of the organisation’s products, interventions and services by liaising with all relevant stakeholders, managing learner records and updating learning management systems. He/she consolidates the data collected and conducts data analysis for compilation of data reporting. He/she assists with the creation of the desired learning environment and the management of logistics and equipment. He/she assists in the execution of marketing and promotional activities to support and enhance outreach and engagement.

He/she enjoys working in a team environment and interacts proactively with various internal and external stakeholders. He/she is eager to serve others, has excellent organisation and administrative skills and can adapt to using various systems and forms of technology.

He/she typically works in an office environment, often interacts with digital systems, but can also be required to provide support at specific learning venues either on-site or online.

Key Responsibility Areas

Partnership Management

  • Assists in identifying and networking with potential and existing partners for collaboration on the provision of resources as well as the delivery of products and initiatives
  • Frequent contact with individuals/organisations outside of YM
  • Provides advice to external partners
  • Ensures quality and customer service
  • Liaises at the appropriate level to ensure all products and initiatives are run at their optimal level and all issues rectified with the client and stakeholders to ensure continuity
  • Maintains regular communication with partners in terms of providing feedback and status updates on products or initiatives being conducted in collaboration with them or in the use of their premises

Product and Process Management

  • Oversees the delivery and operations of the Perform in School team products and initiatives, namely the MENDAKI Tuition Scheme and other academic support interventions
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the Perform in School team products and initiatives through the collection and analysis of feedback
  • Conducts reviews of products and recommend areas of improvement or adaptation to suit the needs of school-going children
  • Implements initiatives and processes to drive the Education business
  • Ensures prompt delivery of data, reports and analysis
  • Maintains the effective delivery of lessons by organising appropriate training sessions for deployed tutors or coaches
  • Supports the analysis of the quality and outcomes of all products and initiatives conducted and recommends enhancements through accurate and timely reporting
  • Delivers developmental programmes where necessary to enhance the quality of outcomes for products and initiatives delivered by the Perform in School team
  • Practises sound financial prudence in procurement of items and services for all products and initiatives in the Perform in School team
  • Adheres to processes and financial policies
  • Checks for legality of all actions related to day-to-day policies

People Management

  • Identifies, shortlists, interviews and selects tutors from a certified pool
  • Plans and executes deployment of tutors to various centres, according to pre-set guidelines
  • Supervises a team of Head Tutors, Tutors and Centre Personnel (including Centre Supervisors, Liaison Officers and Caretakers)
  • Demonstrates and rolemodels a high-performance service culture amongst the tutors that nurtures and encourages service excellence, quality and empowerment
  • Manages the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of the personnel deployed to each centre to achieve the key outcomes for the team.


  • 3 – 5 years with relevant experience
  • Experience in education operations settings will be an advantage
  • Degree in Education, Business Administration or other related disciplines
  • Good communication in English and Malay (verbal and written) with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must be strong in operations and motivated by such nature of work
  • Driven, resourceful and proactive individual who is able to work independently, but a strong team player
  • Sound decision-making and keen problem-solving skills
  • Task-driven individual, with a strong sense of ownership
  • Has a good ability to multi-task
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, etc)