Manager/Senior Manager, Care Advisor

Job Summary

The Manager/Senior Manager (2 year contract) supports Engagement Group’s Director/Deputy Director to spearhead Yayasan MENDAKI’s (MENDAKI)’s push towards last-mile service delivery to better meet the needs of the Malay/Muslim community. MENDAKI is embarking on a strategic client-centric initiative to achieve the next bound of service delivery, by proactively reaching out to families to understand their needs, care for them, and partner with them in their journey of lifelong learning.

Key Responsibility Areas


Develop and implement outreach to members of the community, including families who may be in need of services, to stakeholders/partners.

  1. Identify partners/stakeholders and various segments of the community for community outreach efforts and engagement.
  2. Identify strategies of outreach engagement to effectively reach out to different segments of the community
  3. Plan, deploy and assess outreach efforts within the satellite centres under his/her charge.


Supervise and guide the team in the conduct of care management of families, through the completion of holistic assessments of the family’s needs and delivery of targeted interventions.

  1. Facilitate case discussion platforms and supervise staff in conducting holistic assessments of clients and their family members, identifying areas of needs and intervention.
  2. Guide staff in partnering with the client in problem-solving and developing care plans to meet his/her needs.
  3. Coach staff in identifying and implementing suitable interventions (in collaboration with other agencies known to the family, where available) to meet the needs of clients.
  4. Direct staff to potential resources that could be tapped on for client’s needs. 
  5. Identify and curate new resources that could help serve the needs of clients.
  6. Advocate for clients at both the individual and macro level. 
  7. Provide casework supervision to staff to ensure that their casework is meeting the needs of the clients and the staff’s mental and psychological well-being is supported.

Stakeholder Management

Develop and foster good working relationships with partners/ stakeholders. This includes M3 partners of MUIS and MESRA, as well as government and social service agencies.

  1. Develop a framework of collaboration with partners/ stakeholders in client engagement, referrals and/or co-management of cases.
  2. Develop good networks with partners and stakeholders, in order to build collaborative partnerships in meeting needs of clients.


Lead the team in the satellite centre/youth space.

  1. Develop the team in the centres under his/her charge to achieve its full potential, including coaching them on the necessary skills in support of their personal and professional development.
  2. Provide a conducive and dynamic environment for the team under his/her charge.
  3. Manage the resources of the team, including workforce planning and finances.
  4. Work closely with the Human Resource team to build the competencies of staff under his/her charge in the satellite centres.


  • Degree in Social Work/ Psychology or other related degrees. Minimum 5 years of experience in case management, community outreach and/or partnership management. Knowledge of the social service sector is a benefit. 
  • Minimum 3 years in a leadership capacity. 
  • A “dare to try” attitude! Managing cases of clients may require innovative ideas, so as to create change. Staff must not be afraid to experiment and try new ways.
  • A growth mindset. Staff would need to be open to learn new methods and learn from one another.
  • Adaptability to change. Be prepared to quickly adapt and evolve to better understand the needs of clients and meet new trends.
  • Excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proficient in team management, process innovation and re-engineering
  • Ability to problem-solve – understand the root causes and recommend targeted solutions.