1. What is HGEF?

2. What is the Per Capita Income (PCI) eligibility criteria for HGEF?

3. Who is eligible for HGEF?

4. How do I apply for HGEF?

5. What are the documents required for HGEF?

6. Closing date for HGEF application.

7. Certificate presentation for HGEF.

8. What if my child does not own any bank account for HGEF?

9. When can I receive the money for my HGEF application?

10. What if the parent was a drug offender a long time ago and have lost the prison visit card/letter, can we still apply for HGEF?

11. Can parent/s who do not have any documentary proof that they were incarcerated for drug related offence still apply their child for HGEF?

12. Can a parent/s who was incarcerated for other offences (not drug related) apply their child for HGEF?

13. I have applied for HGEF last year, do I need to submit the same documents again?

14. I do not have computer or printer to print the CPF statement for me to apply HGEF?

15. I do not have salary statement / payslip to apply for HGEF.

16. My family members are unemployed or working part-time, can I still apply for HGEF?

17. I do not know how to fill up the HGEF application form.

18. Further enquiries regarding HGEF.