Training & Evaluation of Board Effectiveness

Annually, MENDAKI set aside some of its budget for Board’s training needs. The Board will be informed of the training budget and the list of training which are available for them during the Board induction and/or quarterly via e-mail circulation.

The Board self-evaluation questionnaire was designed by MENDAKI to obtain a periodic assessment on the performance and effectiveness of the Board. The purpose of this evaluation is to continually enhance the performance of the Board by identifying and filling any capability and competency gaps, if any. The self-evaluation exercise is conducted annually to provide the Board with the information needed to further develop and enhance its processes, effectiveness, and capability.

The completed self-assessment questionnaire will be treated as confidential. A final report on the findings of this self-assessment questionnaire will be shared and distributed to the Board after the tabulation of the results and comments (if any). The results and comments (if any) will not be attributed to any individual responses.